For Sudan

Many things have happened on our watch. Things that we may not have been directly involved in, but we do need to take collective responsibility for as the human race. We can raise our voices or remain silent. History will remember and judge us for our choices. Sudan, the last northern white male rhino, died... Continue Reading →


Chocolates, Children, Comedy

Mama always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” That line from the movie Forrest Gump inspires me and makes me anxious too. I love hearing it – because if anything, it emphasises the unpredictability of life. How you handle those curveballs shows your true character. It’s deep,... Continue Reading →

Red Roses

Her head throbbed. After months, she was suffering with a nagging migraine. The whirlwind of the past finally weighed down on her. She sank into the pillow. Soft, dreamy... but it was not for her. Beat by beat, the migraine took hold of her body, her being. Even with the heavy medication, she could not... Continue Reading →

Spreading happiness in schools

It’s been a week of violent videos going viral in South Africa. First, it was the video of a mother physically and verbally abusing her four year old child in Phoenix, Durban. I have not been able to bring myself to watch that video. The other video is of a learner hitting a teacher with... Continue Reading →

Listeriosis: school lunch box woes

My son eats well but he is a fussy eater. He loves home-cooked meals – pastas, seafood, vegetable and meat curries. When it comes to eating away from home and especially from his school lunch box, he prefers simpler, easy to eat sandwiches and fruit. In Grade R, he took peanut butter sandwiches everyday. I... Continue Reading →

The journey of learning English

English is a beautiful and powerful, but strange language. Yes, admit it. Between concorde, spelling, silent consonants, syntax and the nuances, it's a lot to get your head around. Most people don't. They text. It's another language altogether with a modern dictionary that is constantly evolving... lol, u kno u want 2 lol 2. It's... Continue Reading →

I remember…

As a journalist, I could rise to any challenge without getting personally affected. At least, that's what working in the media industry for 15 years led me to believe. But, there was a story that changed everything. It wasn't just another story. It was reality that hit too close to home, literally. Nine year old... Continue Reading →

Living inside my mind

Hope. Sometimes flickers of hope, Sometimes a majestic rainbow of hope, With different hues to colour my mind. But, always, it is hope. Without hope, there is no ambition. The status quo shall remain. Hope challenges me. Hope pushes me. I work hard in hope. I love truly in hope. I live passionately in hope.... Continue Reading →


Sisterhood. It's one of the most beautiful feelings in life. It means you can achieve anything you work towards, if you work together. I'm not referring to my sisters here. This sisterhood stretches across the seas to almost 150 countries. It's a sisterhood that I became part of, along with my friends, when we had... Continue Reading →

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