Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

Day 41, going on 42. I'm cracking; like that delicate crack that emerges at the top of the cake while baking in the oven. As poetic as it sounds, it's painful. I don't have the energy to bake anymore. And in case you're wondering after my last post, decaffeinated coffee is out. Now it's just... Continue Reading →

Click over!

Hello creative minds! I trust that you all are well. Past the mid-way mark in August and 2019 is almost here! It seems surreal, doesn't it? I'm trying to my admin in order - certainly not my strong point! In doing so, I realised that I'm still getting visitors and views on this blog even... Continue Reading →

My blog has moved!

52 weeks, 12 months, 365 days....One year is a long time. A lot changes in a year, and a lot stays the same. My new blog, right here, represents this. It's a leap in my writing journey. One year ago, I wrote my first blog piece. I was nervous and uncertain. But I  loved the... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, and Hello

She is waving at you, Aren't you going to wave back? Hurry! Before she moves out of sight. There she goes, Turning smoothly around the corner. And just like that, The first six months of 2018 waltz away. Look! There is someone else calling out to you; The next six months of 2018. Already? Yes,... Continue Reading →

It’s time to get moving

Stepping out of my comfort zone has become my personal mantra for the past year. And this month, I took another big step, literally! I have been pondering over the best way to write this post for days, being mindful not to come across as being body-image obsessed or shaming my own body. While I... Continue Reading →

Zanzibar is calling you! Win a trip

Right now, my son is my antithesis. Here I am, struggling to juggle my many tasks and attempting to shorten my to-do list, while he is in stress-free holiday mode - a wide smile fixed to his face, a spring in his every step and boundless enthusiasm to take on the adventures of another day.... Continue Reading →

Selfless service

This is a paper I presented at the first youth conference of the Durban Hindu Temple held on 23 June 2018, in association with the South African Hindu Maha Sabha and Shree Sanathan Dharma Sabha. The category that I presented this paper in, was "Hinduism and the Relevance of the Mandela Legacy". It is relevant... Continue Reading →

Getting in on the sardine frenzy!

I’m no sardine-lover, but this morning, the silvery fish were literally swimming and jumping through my mind. The beautiful drizzle and blanket of grey in the sky as I drove my son to school took me back to the excitement of that day 14 years ago. It was, in all probability, around this time of... Continue Reading →

Setting the stage for male dance

When I heard the title of the upcoming Indian classical dance production, Purusham, the first thought that came to my mind was Maryada Purushottam - the name given to the Hindu deity Lord Ram. Simply translated - it means the perfect man, who is righteous and upholds all duties. And so, I see the resplendent... Continue Reading →

Finding Flash

I know the horror stories all too well. I'm a journalist after all. Yes, I was cautious, but clearly not cautious enough. People pointed fingers at me and raised questions about me. It felt personal. I was hurt, but I would not waste time playing the blame game. Time was running out to find our... Continue Reading →

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